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95% of our patients have no relapses after the first 30 days.

This is 9 times more successful than 12-Step programs alone.

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Opiate addiction is one of the most destructive mental health issues in the world today, yet it's curable. While other treatments focus on the visible effects of the disease (like plucking fruit off of a weed), our treatment focuses on the root of the problem: the over-stimulated neural pathways that have eroded the decision-making processes in the brain. By helping our patients gain control over their choices, we not only help them free themselves from the addiction, but open up an entirely new set of future decisions. This is why our Medically Assisted Addiction Recovery (MAAR) is more than 4x as effective than any other choice available today, and over 9x as successful than 12-Step programs alone. If you're ready to finally put opiate addiction behind you, click the link below and an addiction specialist will reach out to you right away.

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Why We Treat You Like Family


Adam's Healing Centers are named for Adam Edson (son of Dr. Edson) whom we lost to opiate addiction in 2014. We loved Adam dearly, and in his honor, we treat our patients with the kindness, concern and respect we wish Adam would have received. Whether you're new to addiction recovery or you've felt judged or shamed in other treatment options, we are committed to creating a feeling of positivity and safety as you get the help you need.

Focused on People, Not Problems


It's hard to get the treatment when you're being treated like a criminal. Our motto, "Treating People, Not Problems," means that we are here to treat you, not just your addiction. We know that you're much more than a patient, more than a recovering addict, and more than a product of a few of your choices; you are a human being with infinite potential, and we strive to treat you that way in everything we do.

Emergency First-Time Appointments


It can be nerve-wracking to try something new, even when it's exactly what we need. That's why we offer same-day and after-hours appointments to new patients. This way, we can help you get started with your recovery right away, right when you need it most, with the most successful treatment option in the world. Call us now and get an appointment as soon as possible.

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Understand Your Treatment Options.

How do you determine what treatment is right for you? One way is to look at the time and money cost for the treatment compared to the chances of success. When viewed this way, Adam's Healing Centers' MAAR (Medically-Assisted Addiction Recovery) treatment is far and away the best choice.

Therapy Alone


$75-$150 / Hour

1-4 Hours / Month

12% Success Rate

In-Patient Treatment


$12,000-$40,000+ / Month

Full-Time Until Discharged

20% Success Rate



$0-$400 / Month

1 Hour / Month

95% Success Rate


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