About Us 

Adam’s Healing Center is the passion project of two parents who lost their son, Adam, to opiate addiction. We want to provide the care, support, and treatment that could have saved Adam’s life. We’re dedicated to being the saving grace for individuals and their families as they navigate life’s struggles, especially physical pain and addiction. Our first-hand experience with addiction and its impacts makes us the allies you need.

We’re Here for You

We know what it’s like to be on a journey, especially the parts of a journey that feel like deep valleys. Life can be extraordinarily hard on us and our loved ones, and struggles take a real toll. However, genuine compassion and skilled solutions can transform circumstances and save lives. At Adam’s Healing Center, our trained specialists offer next-level counseling, treatments, and support. Our revolutionary model combines medical treatment and counseling by providing appointments supervised by a fully trained doctor. Our patients not only get to heal mentally; they also heal physically. In the warm, welcoming environment of our office, hope becomes a real force for good.

When you choose Adam’s Healing Center, you’ll receive dignity, discretion, respect, and kindness. You will never feel judged. We are your allies from the minute you connect with us, and we’ll compassionately fight for your health and quality of life. Connect with our Davis County addiction treatment center to schedule your first appointment today.

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