How Can You Support A Loved One In Recovery?

If a loved one is in recovery, it’s normal to have questions about how you can best support them. In this blog entry, we will discuss four ways that you can provide some assistance to them that will be positive and encouraging.

Person in therapy

Get Them Professional Help

One of the absolute best ways to support a loved one who is in recovery is to help them get professional help. Whether your loved one just left a treatment facility or they are taking on recovery without the aid of a program or facility, professional support could make all the difference for them. At Adam’s Healing Center in Salt Lake City, our doctor has the experience and compassion necessary to help someone in recovery, no matter what part of the journey they are on.

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Sober Living Support

Sober living may be court-ordered or it may be voluntary, but it does provide a person who is in recovery with a place to live if they cannot live anywhere else or if living on their own would be detrimental to their recovery. Helping a loved one get into a sober living facility can be a great way to show them your support.

Person encouraging their loved one

Encourage Them

Simply encouraging a loved one to keep working at their sobriety may be what they need at a given point in time. Telling them that you believe in them and their recovery, as well as asking them questions about what they need help with is an excellent way of supporting them.

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Keep Them In A Healthy Environment That Is Free Of Triggers

If the loved one who is in recovery is living or working with you, do what you can to keep the home or workplace free from triggers. These triggers are different for everyone, but can include alcohol, certain social situations (parties), and certain people. While you can’t control everything, even a small amount of effort can help.

Reach out to Adam’s Healing Center today to learn more about our counseling and medication management services as you help your loved one with their sober living.

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