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Adam’s Healing Center provides the personalized, respectful care you need to overcome addiction. We’re different from the rest because we give you regular face-to-face time with a qualified doctor who holds the specialized skill to meet your needs. Our Bountiful substance abuse treatment center offers next-level treatment that combines counseling and pain management because we believe in treating the whole person. Your new life starts here!


We offer skilled counseling services with Dr. Edson to help you build emotional and mental health that lasts. As our client, you get to process struggles and habits that may be holding you back. We’re committed to your long-term well-being and would be honored to provide this crucial support as you navigate your journey.

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Medication Management

Thanks to our rigorous medical side and in-house doctor, we can help you ensure your medications are doing what they should. We can even provide refills. You’ll find that our compassionate supervision makes all the difference.


Accountability Solutions

We notice when you miss an appointment or encounter challenges on your road to recovery. Our respectful accountability solutions provide the structure and connection you need to hold steady when things get rough.


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